Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Eighth Inning Jupiter Hammerheads vs. Bradenton Marauders

Top of the eighth for the Hammerheads:
Chase Austin replaces Ernesto Manzanillo at third base

Jensen singles to left field

Jensen advances on a wild pitch in the dirt

Austin singles up the middle, Jensen advances to third

Pertusati shoots a line drive up the middle, Austin to second, Jensen scores

Synan strikes out with a check swing on a breaking ball in the dirt

Ortiz singles to the right fielder, bases loaded

Torres hits a fly ball to the right fielder, no attempt to tag up by the runner on third

Duarte strikes out swinging with the runners in motion on a 3-2 pitch

1 run 4 hits 0 errors 3 men left on base
Marauders lead 10-2

Bottom of the eighth for the Marauders:

PITCHING CHANGE: A.J. Ramos replaces Ramon Benjamin before the inning starts

Cunningham flies out to right field

Cabrera smashes a line drive up the middle that almost hits the pitcher, single

Cabrera advances to second on a wild pitch that goes all the way to the backstop

Baker taps out softly to the pitcher on a check swing, Cabrera advances to third

Anderson strikes out swinging on a ball in the dirt

0 runs 1 hit 0 errors 1 man left on base

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