Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ninth Inning Jupiter Hammerheads vs. Bradenton Marauders

Top of the ninth for the Hammerheads:

PITCHING CHANGE: Zachary Foster replaces Eliecer Navarro before the inning begins

Dominguez walks after looking at two borderline pitches with two strikes

Krick hit with a breaking ball in the back of the leg, Dominguez advances to second

Jensen singles softly to right field, both runners advance one base

Austin hits an infield fly right behind second base, bases remain loaded

All Runners advance as a passed ball nearly hits the hitter, Dominguez scores

Pertusati pops out in foul territory to first baseman, runners stay put

Synan lines a ball over the second basemans head, Krick scores, Jensen advances to third

Ortiz grounds out on a ball that takes a bad hop to the first baseman.

2 runs 2 hits 2 errors 2 men left on base
Marauders Win 10-4
Game Over

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